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Past Life Regressions 

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Journey into the past to clear the path towards your brightest future.

Past life regression therapy is a therapeutic technique that can help you access past lives memories, stored deep within the unconscious mind. By accessing the memory of these buried experiences we can clear unresolved issues that may be impacting your current life. This is done through hypnotic process, where you are safely inducted into a state of deep relaxation so as to guide you through a visualisation procedure where you can recall past life memories.

The soul can store memories of intense emotional experiences from many different past live's and these soul memories can unconsciously impact the behavioural patterns of your current life. Your unconscious behavioural patterns can be linked to cyclical challenging experiences in your current life. Through Regression therapy we can access and resolve these experiences and this has been proven to radically improve your mental and emotional health, helps to overcome fears and phobias, and develop spiritual growth.

The benefits of past life regression therapy can include increased self-awareness, a better understanding of personal patterns and relationships, and a deeper sense of connection to the spiritual realm. Some people also report feeling a greater sense of peace, closure, and release from past traumas after undergoing past life regression therapy.

The hypnotic process is very safe and effective and can be performed on almost any consenting person. If you can close your eyes and make images in your mind, you can be hypnotically induced.

As a professionally trained regressionist I adhere to strict safety protocols and ensure your regression is done in a very calm and soothing manner. Most people say that's its like being guided through a vivid dream and when they "wake up" feel very relaxed and refreshed. All regressions are recorded and yours to keep.

Are you ready to dive deep into your soul memories of the past to clear a path towards your brightest future today?

For more information or any questions please get in touch HERE

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Meet Jane.

Jane came to see me for a Deep Personal Astrology Reading, two weeks later during a Past Life Regression she had the most profound emotional release and went on to radically change her life for the better... This is her story.

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An intuitive feeling led Jane to Luke.

Jane had an intuitive feeling that something was a miss in her intimate relationship but couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. She knew something was up and was looking for some clarity and guidance. She had come across Luke on social media and really liked his "down to earth approach". By the way, for the purposes of this story we have changed her name to Jane to protect her privacy. Jane is a real young women, career driven, ambitious and a health conscious 36 year old Australian.



Jane booked an In Depth two hour personal astrology reading with Luke as she wanted to dive deep into her birth chart and really understand herself from a cosmic perspective. It was during this session that Jane was gently made aware of some of her unconscious dysfunctional behavioural patterns and this is when the light bulb flashed on for her.

"You made me feel immediately comfortable to talk about personal issues such as my childhood and my challenging relationship with my mother"

Luke has a very calm, open and honest counselling style and was able to link some of the challenging aspects in Jane's birth chart to her current relationship challenges.

"You helped me see, where and why, I was over giving and my strong intuitive feeling that something wasn't right about my relationship has been validated".

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Amuata, an Oracle that suggested to look beyond the logical... and into her Past Lives!

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