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Luke Balcke

Discovering the depth and richness of Astrology allowed me to connect to spirit and align my life to Universal design. To live in flow, see the bigger picture and navigate life's obstacles with greater ease.

I have a dedicated daily spiritual practice that involves meditation and visualisation practices to help me ground and maintain focus on my life's work, to help awakening souls meet the challenges of a changing world.

I am a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Regressionist (QHHT) and Reiki practitioner. I facilitate past life and subconscious regressions as well as in person and remote energy clearing.


I am also a father to three beautiful boys.

I offer one to one Astrology consultations where I provide spiritual guidance using your unique birth chart. My consultations are very relaxed and based around honest conversation. I truly believe in the timeless art of Astrology and it's ability to provide greater self awareness, life guidance and purpose.

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