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December Astro Weather

Follow the light within instead of that which shines without!

A super powerful solar eclipse in Sagittarius, Venus retrograde and the final Saturn / Uranus square. Try not to let out any Astro Sharts as the skies ignite us into 2022... and yes I just said Astro Shart!!!

Dec Calendar.png

Sun sextile Saturn & trine Chiron

Solar Eclipse

Mars sextile Pluto

Mercury square Neptune

Mars square Jupiter

Venus conjunct Pluto

Sun square Neptune

Full Moon
Planet Ingress & Retro.png

Saturn square Uranus

Nativity Scene
Planet Ingress & Retro-2.png

Sun square Chiron & Mars Sextile Saturn

Click on the interactive calendar for detailed interpretation.

Further Content being crafted as you read this, watch this space!

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