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Spiritual guidance and self development for the awakening soul!



Discover the power to transform your life!


final intake of new students for 2022

Are you intrigued by Astrology, but you're not sure how it works or how to understand it?

Were you confused the first time you looked at your birth chart and overwhelmed by the strange and complex symbols?

Do you want to learn how to use your birth chart as a practical tool for self development?

I've designed the Astrology Essentials course just for you.

This course has everything you need to know to get you started on the path to self discovery. You'll learn more about yourself in this eight week course than you could in eight years of life.

The keys to greater self awareness and a life of meaning can be found when you unlock the secrets of your birth chart!


Join me for the Astrology Essentials course, a journey into self!


Natalie Marie - Psychic Medium
Natalie Marie
Medium, Channel, Empath & Intuitive

Looking for a guided astrological tour that unlocks the mysteries of your world, all eloquently laid out in a very engaging geometric maze of star signs, symbols, and planetary orbits? Yes? Then the Astro Essential course is for you!!

Luke Balcke is an astrologer extraordinaire! His dynamic energy, masterful teaching style and symbolic storytelling kept us all riveted, as he skilfully guided our group of star gazing newbies through the beginner’s astrology maze – ‘a how, what, why of you’ if you will, and how to apply these learnings to navigate our own personal birth charts.

If you desire self-understanding, and a greater cosmic connection to the universe, I implore you to take the plunge into this astrological adventure with Luke. At the end of the journey, you’ll have a personal ‘life manual’ that arms you with astrological insights to navigate your ever changing life journey.

Spots are limited, Early Bird $440
Save $100 - early bird ends June 26th

Early Bird Ends

Online Course Details

Beginner Astrology Course - Aspects Book 4.png

Investment Details

This 12 week online course is only $440 

Early bird has ended.

Interactive eBook & Birth Chart

As a part of the online course each student will receive a comprehensive ebook for learning and knowledge development exercises. As well as a copy of your personal birth chart.

Discount Services

Each student will have access to unique discounts across all Personal Astrology Readings and Energy Healing.

Live Online Training

The course will be delivered live on zoom every Tuesday evening at 7pm until 9pm with plenty of time for Q & A. Don't worry if you can't make every live class, all classes will be recorded and available by drop box after the class.

Private Online Forum

As a student of the Astro Awakening school and the Astrology Essentials course you will get access to a private Facebook group where open conversations, help and support will be shared outside course training times.

Commencement Details

The course will begin on Tuesday July 26th 2022 at 7pm. Each class will be approximately 2 hours with question time.

The course will run for 12 weeks and complete on 11th October 2022.

I loved every minute of Luke's astro essentials course. I had a basic understanding of my chart & what it meant, but this course took my understanding to a whole new depth. 

I feel as though I have learnt so much about myself, how I show up in the world, how I relate to others, my strengths, my challenges & patterns I wasn't consciously aware of. 


Each class is so detailed & I found myself researching & reading the course materials for hours after our classes had finished. Luke is real, no bull shit teacher, who has a genuine love for Astrology. It's been such a great journey getting to know myself all over again through Lukes class. Can't wait for the next round! Thanks so much Luke!

Megan Bannon
Enrolled 2021
Current Student
Sarah Greig.png
Sarah Greig

Luke's vibe is relaxed and fun and I could quite literally listen to him talk about Astrology all day! Through the course I was able to consolidate my knowledge of the Zodiac signs and learn the basics of birth charts. Reading and unpacking your birth chart is life changing. Our personalities, strengths and weaknesses, desires, behaviours, patterns and so much more, it's all there set out by the stars all those years ago! Life starts to make sense. If you're partial to a good star sign meme and want to dig deeper, then Astrology Essentials is for you!

Luke's astro class was the highlight of 2020 for me! Luke's classes were fun, interactive and the knowledge I gained was invaluable which I still reference daily. The way Luke breaks birth charts down made understanding them super easy! Whether you're a lover of astrology already or only at the beginning of your astro journey I highly recommend Luke's classes!! 

Hayley Vivash.png
Hailey Vivash
Kelly Connell.png

I am not exaggerating when I say learning from Luke changed my life!

After completing his course I saw things through a new lens of fascination and connection. I was armed with a better understanding of myself and my world.

Luke is generous with his knowledge and his heart, his teachings are fun and authentic. I would be buzzing for days after a class, so highly recommend!

Kelly Connell
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