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Astrologer • Reiki Healer • Regressionist

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Since 2018, Luke has guided countless individuals through major life transitions and supported many more on their awakening journey. Luke can help you move towards living a heart centred life, filled with passion, purpose and fulfilment.

Whether you are looking for personal guidance to navigate life's challenges, need help in finding your truth path or support to overcome issues in relationships, health or career. Luke has the expertise and the experience to support your journey.

Book a one on one session with Luke

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Are you located outside of Australia? Luke has hundreds of international clients from all around the world and is more than happy to arrange Readings, Regressions and Healings outside normal hours to accomodate for different time zones. Please contact Luke Here to arrange your personalised session time.

Rachael Winter

Wow!!!! Words can’t really describe my experience with Luke today. My reiki session released alot of stagnant, suppressed energy allowing me to cry from my heart.
I would highly recommend Luke to everyone. Next level.

Client Testimonials

Jessica Lloyd

Luke was great, he showed compassion, warmth & understanding and he definitely knew his astrology, I could have spent all day learning how all the star signs align and what they mean or me, time flew by too quickly. I'll definitely be booking another session. Thanks Luke.

Nikki Vitanza

Luke’s reading was so incredibly in-depth and so much more than I expected. He was so warm and empathetic, I could not have asked for a better reading. Thank you Luke!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the session be online or in person?

Luke is based on the Gold Coast where he does In person consultations, however If you are not located on the Gold Coast or can't travel to see him your session will be conducted online via zoom.

Do I need to know my birth time for a reading?

An accurate birth time will allow Luke to cast an accurate birth chart, however a reading can be done without a known birth time. Luke also provides specific birth time rectification readings for those that don't know their birth time. Get in touch if you would like more details.

Can I record the session?

You are more than welcome to record your In person session with Luke, online session will be recorded via Zoom and a link to the recording will be sent to you once the reading is complete.

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